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  • Merenla Imsong

Naga Cuisine- Dried Axone Pork

Photo Source: Elika Awomi

Made with naturally fermented soybeans, Axone is one of the most popular ingredients for dishes in Nagaland. Axone can be used for cooking meat, fish and vegetables. In Naga cuisine, it is usually used to cook pork curries. In the earlier days, it was used with dried pork, said Imsong, but now people use fresh pork too.


  1. Pork- 1 kg

  2. Axone (Fermented Soyabeans)

  3. 2-3 big Tomatoes

  4. 2 red chillies

  5. Salt to taste


  1. Cut pork into long pieces and skewer them and smoke them overnight on the fire.

  2. Cut the pork into small pieces.

  3. Boil water in a pot of water

  4. Add salt and Axone to the water.

  5. Grind red chillies and add.

  6. Slice tomatoes and add them.

  7. Add the pork

  8. Let it cook till it’s dry


Special Thanks to Merenla Imsong for sharing the recipe with us.


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