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Meet the Enthusiasts
The co-founders of ICCP

From left to right: Ananya Pujary, Muskaan Pal, and Khushi Gupta

We are three alumnae of FLAME University who started this website as part of our Digital Humanities course, but then it became so much more. The idea behind this was to represent the lesser-known cuisines of India, but it soon evolved to the digitization of Indian cookbooks, especially ones that have been passed down through several generations. Cookbooks, we feel, do not only contain recipes but familial love and nostalgia. Hence, they are very special archives of the past.

We started out thinking that it would be hard to collect data. However, after a thorough search on and off the internet, from the nooks and crannies of the interwebs, we found our spreadsheets filling at an astonishing pace. We realized most of the data was online, but it was not in a collated form, and that became the mission of the Indian Community Cookbook Project.​

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