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The Modern Cookbook Story

The map below is an embedded, interactive map of India tagged with our growing collection of contemporary community cookbooks of India (post-1990s liberalization). This is with a purpose to reflect the spatial distribution of modern Indian cookbooks across India, where the density of cookbook publications can be sought in relation to location.

The yellow pins represent state-wise suggested cookbooks, whereas dark red pins represent specific location-wise cookbooks (cities and districts). The bigger the pins, the greater the cluster of cookbooks in that region.

You can click on any pin, upon which you will get more information on the cookbooks situated in that region. A cluster is a combination of 2 or more pins, you can click on "browse features" and use the toggle buttons to go back and forth on the various cookbooks from the selected region.

Made using ArcGIS online map software, powered by ESRI.

We are always looking to add new cookbooks to The Modern Cookbook Story. If you wish to share any contemporary cookbooks (post-1990's) you could reach out to us at

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