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Khoja Cuisine

Khojas are Muslims originally from the state of Gujarat in India. Mrs. Nargis Mitani belonging to the Khoja Community has shared few traditional recipes of the community with us. Her relatives and friends usually reach out to her for recipes.

She had also complied and published a cookbook named Tried and Tasted By Nargis Mithani during the lockdown in 2020. The following recipes are excerpts from her cookbook.

Selected Recipes:-

  1. Non-veg starters- Junagadhi Kabab, Zaali Cutlets

  2. Vegetarian Snacks- Laal Aaloo, Singoli

  3. Non-veg gravies- Paaya, Gosht ki Kadi

  4. Rice Bowl- Ek Handi Ka Dal Chawal

  5. Roz ka Khaana- Hara Lasan

  6. Mithai Ghar- Khopra Paak.


Non- Vegetarian Starters


1. Junagadhi Kabab

Recipe Video:-


2. Zaali Cutlets

Recipe Video:-


Vegetarian Snacks


1. Laal Aaloo


2. Singoli

Recipe Videos:


Non-Vegetarian gravies


1. Paaya


2. Gosht Ki Kadi


Rice Bowl


Ek Handi Ka Dal Chawal


Roz ka Khaana


Hara Lasan


Mithai Ghar


Khopra Paak

Recipe Video:-


Recipe, photo and video source- Mrs. Nargis

You can find our interview with Mrs. Nargis and her relationship and memories with her community food here.

You can find more recipes by Mrs. Nargis in her cookbook: Tried and Tasted: Cookbook by Nargis Mithani

Special Thanks to Mrs. Nargis for sharing her recipes with us!

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